Introducing Bid on Travel

Bid on Travel logo

We are pretty excited about this initiative – and keen to share it with our South African travelers. We are presenting a platform on Facebook that allows you to bid on travel.

Quite simply, establishments and holiday experiences have the opportunity to utilize this channel to show off new products, old products, run specials, just about any reason and the consumer ultimately benefits with the low pricing.

There has been a great amount of interest shown from our establishments and once it gathers momentum, we expect the platform and concept to gather greater confidence. Until that happens, fantastic deals remain on offer for the early adopters.

The future of this concept lies as a de-facto distribution channel. One where distressed inventory can be offloaded to eager buyers, whilst not falling foul of the giant booking sites where lowest prices remain an explicit guarantee.

So, look out for a new link on our menu system above which will be the shop for previously advertised products – sometimes offered at awesome “buy-now” rates.

Otherwise, follow the official Bid on Travel platform on Facebook, here.

Happy bidding!

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