Immersive Experiences

Immersing yourself in a foreign country is arguably the most rewarding way to travel. It is ideal for those yearning for adventure in a time when time itself is so precious. African Quiver recognizes that and has worked hard to gather internships in South Africa as well as volunteering opportunities in South Africa as well as in Namibia.

Intern for two months with leading South African corporates such as Sun International or Meropa Consulting.

For wildlife volunteering in South Africa we have hand-selected a big 5 game reserve on the doorstep of the Kruger National Park. For wildlife volunteering in Namibia, we have ready to go options as well as tailor made opportunities.

Monitoring telemetry in a big 5 game reserve near the Kruger National Park

We are your private tour managers – providing informed and affordable options to complement your special interest, be it a safari in South Africa, eSwatini, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique or Zimbabwe

Each trip includes the essential African experiences and great effort is put into matching accommodation, transport and itinerary pace for your adventure.

The cornerstone philosophies guiding African Quiver revolve around sustainable travel principles, utmost respect for people and wildlife while showcasing the grandeur of this region of Africa.

We are also able to assist with visa applications via our partnering visa processing centre in Pretoria, South Africa