Internships are a valuable way to accelerate learning and access into the professional world. If you can do this in a controlled environment in another, distinct culture, internships verge on the compulsory as a required element of learning.

African Quiver is your South African internship partner.

We have cultivated relationships with Meropa Communications as well as with Sun International. These are two leading companies in their respective sectors.

An Internship in PR and Communications with Meropa is a feather in your cap and a fantastic addition to your CV / Resume.

An Internship with Sun International gives you access to a global hospitality brand as well as to the diverse departments supporting such an enormous and established company.

How we support you:

Visa services for our international interns. We work with 2 visa agencies who provide the necessary information and collaborate with your country’s consular services

Accommodation: We have a well established supplier list of accommodation providers we have approved in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

24/7 Support: Being based in Johannesburg, with excellent access to all infrastructure, our office is always available for student help and advice. From the moment of your arrival, through the orientation and to placement at your lodgings, we are at hand to ease the transition.

Activities and Cultural Immersion: This is our forte – we have been showcasing southern Africa since 2008, specifically looking for rewarding wildlife, conservation and cultural experiences. As part of your Internship programme, we can add immense value in terms of suggestions, logistics and general management of your excursions.