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Small Group, Tailor-Made Travel

You have a flash of inspiration and you decide you MUST VISIT AFRICA! It may be that you are a group of friends who like to hang-out together, or a special interest group that enjoy something in common – it may be academic, it might be physical or it might be special interest. Whatever your reason for hanging out together, why not do it in Africa? Experience our exciting and fabled wildlife, whilst pursing your interest and allow African Quiver to guide and arrange all your travel requirements. We help with easy itinerary development to combine your interest and our knowledge of southern Africa and we do so affordably.

TransportAccommodationCustom Itinerary

We work closely with longstanding partners to provide suitable luxury vehicles for the duration of your trip.
We source suitable accommodation depending on your travel requirements.Custom designed itinerary. We have many ideas of where to go and we incorporate your wishes with what we know.
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