Conservation Education & Wildlife Management Topics

African Quiver has access to leading Conservation education and Wildlife Management professionals, situated in the lowveld and in most cases easy to combine with the Kruger National Park.

As part of its offerings, African Quiver has developed a relationship with the Southern African Wildlife College ( a SADC recognised centre of excellence in conservation education, training and skills development, which is situated within the Greater Kruger National Park. As such, we are able to expose participants of our Study Abroad trips to short, tailor made programmes with a strong conservation content via this leading hands-on Wildlife Higher Education and Training institution.

As an example a list of possible topics for specific presentation and lectures could include:

• Eco-Tourism and Conservation
• Importance of Scientific Research in Wildlife Management Practices
• Infrastructure Management on Nature Reserves
• Wildlife Electric Fencing
• Management of National Parks and Private Nature Reserves
• Carnivore, Herbivore and Habitat Management
• Community-Wildlife Conflict and Interactions / Wildlife Damage Control
• Endangered Wildlife (Research & Management)
• Fire Management
• Anti-Poaching
• Hunting and Conservation
• Game Censuses (Reasons & Methodology)
• Recreational use of natural water systems and catchment management / Water Provision (artificial)
• Veld management practices
• Erosion Management and Rehabilitation
• Alien Biota
• Veterinary research (role and importance in wildlife management)
• Wildlife Diseases (management practices) including Bovine & Feline Tuberculosis
• History of the African Elephant / Social Structures and Behaviour of African Elephants
• Effect elephants have on biodiversity
• Cultural Heritage Site Management
• The importance of environmental education and certain practices
• Ornithology & Herpetology
• Animal Behavior
• African ecology
• Conservation Biology

A few existing Lecture Titles:

  • Understanding behavior of species and the
    importance of research and monitoring
  • Reserve Management Plans – How to compile and
  • Mega-Herbivores, their role in the greater ecosystem
    and why we need to conserve them
  • Biodiversity of South Africa / Swaziland Trans
    frontier Conservation area (Songimvelo- Malolotja)
  • Value of wildlife today in Africa (Hunting as a
    proactive tool to conserve wildlife). Importance of
    hunting in conservation economics in the current
    African landscape
  • Legislation and International pressure that threatens
    the hunting industry. The case of Cecil the Lion and
    the repercussions – Impacts
  • Community Wildlife Conflict and Interactions
  • Current situation on Rhino and Elephant poaching in
    South Africa
  • Visit to K9 Unit & Dog Handling Demonstration


Simply establish the topics that may be of interest to your group and African Quiver will create a programme around these variables.