Volunteering at a prime Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary


Our volunteers come from all backgrounds and nationalities and with varied familiarity with animals and wildlife… from absolutely no experience, to those with a professional background in veterinary or conservation science. What our volunteers do have in common is a love of wildlife and a passion for aiding in the conservation and care of Africa’s diverse species.

Volunteers provide an important resource in the daily care and feeding of animals in rehabilitation or permanent captivity at the sanctuary, as well as helping to maintain and develop the sanctuary. This is an exceptional opportunity to get hands on with African wildlife and many aspects of their care. Additionally, although our focus is on animal welfare, there will also be educational and recreational activities for volunteers to take part in.

Because we release and/or relocate whenever possible, the animals at the sanctuary will vary at any given time, but may include carnivores such as wild dog, lion, leopard, cheetah and caracal; primates such as baboon and vervet monkey; birds such as peacock and vulture; antelope such as oryx (gemsbok), springbok, duiker and kudu; small mammals such as meerkat, rock dassie, polecat, genet and warthog, as well as a host of other species and farm animals.

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