Namibia Equine Volunteering

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We have the perfect place for horse enthusiasts and our Equine Experience is specifically designed for more experienced riders. This project takes place in an established Namibian sanctuary and enables participants to experience their love of horses in the surroundings of the beautiful sanctuary and reserve.

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    Volunteer Research, Wildlife
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All about the Namibia Equine Volunteering.

The Equine Experience takes place throughout the year in parallel with the  Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Project. During this two week minimum program for experienced riders, volunteers will stay on the sanctuary and spend their time here with our on-site horses. Mornings could be spent helping with cleaning and feeding, training young and new horses, as well as taming and raising foals. From time to time foals will need halter training and introduction to human contact. Afternoons could be spent feeding the horses and riding and depending on the experience of the riders in the group, this can be walking, trotting, cantering or galloping on the sanctuary’s reserve. This could include undertaking game counts on horseback. Other activities may include herding and helping to fix and build structures around the horse’s camps.

As with our Wildlife Volunteers, we request that our Equine Volunteers arrive on Mondays and Thursdays for our complimentary transfers to the Sanctuary and for the induction on Tuesdays and Fridays. Transfers occurring outside of Monday and Thursday will be charged an additional N$500 per person
Equine Experience participants have the option of combining their stay with one or more weeks on the Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Project before or after their Equine Experience Project in order to participate in the full magic of our wildlife sanctuary and spend time interacting with and caring for our variety of sanctuary animals.