Social Policy in Africa

This tour uses the South African laboratory as a case study of the difficulties confronting developmental and social policy practitioners in Africa. Despite is modern economy and political transition more than half of South Africa’s young people are jobless. Crime rates are high. The country demonstrates some of the worst HIV/Aids figures of any emerging market. By some estimates 80% of its schools are dysfunctional. Your students will be introduced to a range of activists and policy practitioners actively seeking to improve these indicators. They will learn from them the reasons behind some of the indicators, the policies and campaigns that have been put in place to address these, and the successes and failures that accompanied those policies and campaigns.

Students will be exposed to:

The depth and extent of social crises confronting residents of emerging markets
How governments seek to respond to such crisis
The role of non-governmental actors and civil society activists in confronting those crises
Lessons in successful social policy and activism and case studies of failure

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