Economic Africa

This tour is designed to introduce students to vast economic and consumer potential of the African continent. Just more than a decade after The Economist described Africa as a ‘hopeless continent’ it is racking up levels of GDP growth that approach those of South East Asia. Aid-dollars, long the mainstay of African economies, have now been overtaken by investment dollars. Rapid urbanisation and improved levels of education are shaping a new African consumer class. Add to that Africa’s extraordinary natural resource wealth, and the fact that it holds the majority of the world’s untapped arable land and you have the makings of a potential global economic powerhouse. This tour puts your students in touch the business and policy leaders investing in the continent to allow them first-hand understanding of the potential and perils of doing business in Africa.

Students will leave this tour with:

Powerful insights on the rise of the African economy and a new understanding of the consumer, resources, industrial, and services aspects of that economy
A sound grasp of the many risks and obstacles to investing in Africa as a case study of investing in emerging markets generally
A sense of the working environment that confronts Africa’s professionals