Visit southern Africa to extend your world knowledge

Saving you time and money while optimizing your trip to southern Africa. Rely on a wealth of professional contacts as well as extensive tour operating experience in southern Africa to establish and easy to organize and richly rewarding tour.

African Quiver has produced an array of diverse programmes ranging from Market Analysis, Conservation Based trips, Commerce and Social Political tours. Our ethos stems from the natural environment and we possess a wealth of tourism expertise revolving around transport, logistics and accommodation suppliers.

Past clients include: University of Texas A&M, the University of Florida, Chadron State University.

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Best Seasons:All seasons
Popular Location:South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe & The Kingdom of Swaziland

Study Abroad in southern Africa

Faculty Led, Semester and annual options

    Post-Apartheid Case Study

    7-18 Days

    Understanding the infamous Apartheid policy in yesteryear South Africa affords interested students / scholars the opportunity to dissect South Africa’s current socio-political landscape that is rapidly changing. Despite these current changes (such as the changing of the guard of Nelson…

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      Rhino Poaching Crisis

      15 Days

      Case study courtesy of Professor Donald King: These ancient animals are facing extinction at the hands of the illicit and deadly black market animal traders. Ambush, helicopters and automatic assault weapons are being deployed against brave rangers, lives are being lost,…

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