9 Days

    There are few wildlife experiences in the world like a week spent in the Botswanan wilderness. This classic itinerary offers a lodge and luxury camping combination safari. The lodges are beautiful, comfortable & make for a great adventure safari though…

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      Coromandel Estate and Primary School Volunteering


      Project Summary – During your placement your assistance is greatly needed to assist the teachers with current education module teaching assistance, providing conservation classes which are fundamental in assisting towards the ongoing crisis between African Wildlife and African Communities, upliftment…

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        Post-Apartheid Case Study

        7-18 Days

        Understanding the infamous Apartheid policy in yesteryear South Africa affords interested students / scholars the opportunity to dissect South Africa’s current socio-political landscape that is rapidly changing. Despite these current changes (such as the changing of the guard of Nelson…

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          Namibia Equine Volunteering

          2 weeks to 3 Months

          We have the perfect place for horse enthusiasts and our Equine Experience is specifically designed for more experienced riders. This project takes place in an established Namibian sanctuary and enables participants to experience their love of horses in the surroundings of…

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            School Volunteering

            2-12 weeks

            Volunteering at the Clever Cubs School provides you with a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the local San Bushman children, whilst surrounded by Namibia’s beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Located at the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary, the Clever Cubs…

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