Market Research and Exploration to South Africa and The Kingdom of Swaziland


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This tour is designed to leverage the distinct cultures offered up by Post-Apartheid South Africa – the rural sector as well as the formal commercial sector. These two sectors reflect huge inequalities in terms of culture, value and could roughly reflect the first and third world living shoulder to shoulder. Added to this is the unique Kingdom of Swaziland which has an altogether separate culture, based on nearly 50 years of independent monarchical rule.

Students will gain first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities that businesses face in marketing goods, services and experiences that leverage the natural environment of Africa.

Market Research skills:

  • Writing a good question for a responsive interview
  • Practical experience in transcribing field notes
  • Coding of qualitative date using the latest software
  • Design a research protocol that enables the addressing of nuances of communicating with stakeholders across cultures.

Application of these techniques in distinct cultures include:

  • Urban townships – e.g. Soweto
  • Conservation imperatives – e.g. the founders of Big Game Parks, Swaziland
  • Rural community woman producing in their village
  • Project managers seeking profitable development with sugar cane

A significant element is exposure to this regions natural resources specifically the eco-tourism element. Expect an adventure fuelled study trip.


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