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The African continent is rapidly transitioning into the world’s most exciting emerging market space. Rising levels of human development, rapid urbanisation, increasing foreign investment, rising middle income consumers, extraordinary mineral resources, untapped agricultural potential, and rising security importance mean that a hands-on experience and understanding of Africa has never been more important for graduate professionals.

South Africa, which today accounts for a third of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP, represents the perfect laboratory for getting to grips with the continent. Famous for its transition to democracy in 1994 South Africa has evolved to become a perfect emerging-Africa case study for students from leading global universities.

African Quiver is positioned as the #1 originator of study to tours to South Africa. We connect your students to the leaders and decision makers in business, government, politics, academia, and civil society who are shaping South Africa’s social and economic evolution. Our tours are designed to suit your timetable, budget, interests, and group size and provide a turn-key solution structured to give you top level access and insights from these African professionals while ensuring you experience the magic of African tourism from Cape Town’s sandy beaches to the seeing the big-five on Safari.

The Kingdom of Swaziland is another inspiring destination, so different from many countries on earth, not least because of its status as one of the last remaining executive monarchies in the world. With African Quiver, you will be able to experience the warmth and friendliness Swaziland is famous for while you uncover and appreciate how different cultures can really be and what makes them tick.

This region therefore serves up iconic safari experiences and stunning natural features that serve up world class adventure experiences.

The African Quiver Study Abroad Programme is designed for around a 2 week, jam packed itinerary. We are based in Nelspruit, South Africa, the hub of the “Trans Lebombo Region” which includes the Kruger National Park, Swaziland and southern Mozambique.

A mere 4 hrs drive from Jhb gives access to this region.

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