Web Presence Management

African Quiver will manage your Establishment’s Web Presence.

Web Presence Management has been designed for owner managed establishments that don’t have the time to attend to an annoying yet critical element of their marketing: how your establishment appears online.

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African Quiver has through experience and research determined where the critical websites of the internet live and continually monitor them as it is a very dynamic environment

A bit about marketing websites:

These are entities that spend thousands of Rands and Dollars every month competing in the incredibly competitive “accommodation in…”google slugfest. It has become apparent that no small establishment could hope to compete in that key phrase bidding war. These websites all aim to improve their global ranking which in turn presents them increasingly higher on each search engine results page and this is partly where you as the establishment must take note. It is one thing for your marketing site to rank at the top (first page for that search query) but it is then another element to be ranked high up in that marketing site’s own listings.

These marketing websites have varying business models, mostly, they simply look for a commission on the booking fee. This is an ideal scenario, as aside from the time cost to ensure your data is correct on their website, there is no cash payment for being in their shop window.

Key to this continuing success is what Google picks up on the internet communication lines – Google prefers establishments that have fresh news online and ranks them higher up, the same is true for the marketing websites, to a lesser extent. This is where social media plays an important role.

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