Kruger National Park Bucketlist: Biyamiti Weir



Eye-Level with Hippos at Biyamiti Weir, Kruger National PArk
Eye-Level with Hippos at Biyamiti Weir, Kruger National PArk

African Quivers weekly ‪#‎KrugerBucketList must visit spot is the Biyamiti Weir.
We love this spot as you are able to get eye level with wild hippos and crocs going about their daily business. It is located on the S114 dirt road between Skukuza Rest Camp and Afsaal Traders Rest. The weir is a wonderful place to visit in winter months as it is on a game migration route and one of the few places that will have water during the dry months which in turn attracts large numbers of game.

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Web Presence Maintenance Plan

Web Presence Maintenance Plan

 (after the 3 month contract African Quiver can implement the maintenance plan which comprises 6 modules)

Ongoing Social Media


  • Manual Boosts
  • Weekly Posts
  • Increase Reach
  • replies to messages and enquiries
  • Report on Status


  • association with relevant industry leaders
  • generate content for weekly tweets
  • increase reach
  • replies to messages and enquiries
  • report on status

Continuation of Monthly Newsletter / blog

Analyses of booking sites (continuation of initial work done)
continuation of tripadvisor and replying to all reviews
ongoing improvement of ranking within booking websites, this requires establishment participation, eg promotions and news
assess marketing and advertising opportunities

  • internet
  • print
  • copy writing

Web Presence: What we do for you

What we do:

  • Ensuring your accommodation is accurately listed on major South African marketing and directory websites (the best ones offer commission structures)
  • Social media set up and management
  • Communication strategy development

Our service offers an initial 3 month period which includes:

  • Property Audit
  • Current internet reach
  • Social media reach
  • Consumer generated content (TripAdvisor in particular)
  • In Depth Report to establishment owner

The second element delivers remedial actions to get the basics on track

  • This includes contacting the major players and updating your establishment info as per the initial site audit
  • It includes understanding and executing the plan required to improve your rankings on their site
  • Final element assesses the changes.

This is ongoing, we compare the analyses on a monthly basis which inludes:
o    marketing website performance
o    establishment listing
o    facebook likes
o    twitter followers and interaction
o    recommended tripadvisor replies

Digital Marketing
Additional services included

  • Twitter Account and Management
  • Facebook Account and Management

Optional Extras:

  • blog / copy / newsletter
  • marketing and sales strategy
  • operational consultation

Web Presence Maintenance Plan


Pretoriuskop, Kruger National Park

Texas A&M takes in the iconic Kruger National Park

What’s a Study Abroad Trip to South Africa without a visit to the iconic Kruger National Park? African Quiver decided to pay homage to the oldest camp in the Kruger. Pretoriuskop is very accessible and being situated in the south west region of the Park offers some of the most dramatic scenery – rocky outcrops overlooking pristine bushveld. This varied landscape therefore produces habitats suitable for a broad spectrum of animals. Notable for buffalo territory, this habitat is ideal for the elusive leopard…countless visits to the Park yield super check lists, however, they often exclude this famed feline. Having trawled the Voortrekker Road leading to Pretoriuskop twice with limited success, African Quiver’s guide, Vikki Crook mustered the troops for an early morning assault on the Shabeni Loop (see pic above). Barely one minute out of the Pretorisukop Camp, Vikki’s eagle eyes caught movement in a huge Marula tree off to our left.

Slightly obscured, 2 leopard are actually visible
Slightly obscured, 2 leopard are actually visible

This had the Texas A&M students craning their necks and squinting their eyes into the dawn darkness, thinking that Vikki was hallucinating. Yet, there! The tree shook and as the sun gradually illuminated the tree, the distinctive tail came into sharp relief. But wait! She also had a kill! All Texas A&M eyes were now focused on that tree, and with crowds of vehicles (some might say a “lot”of cars…or even a “clutch of cars”- thanks Gemma!) arriving, more was revealed like an exciting Christmas present being revealed as the paper is gently removed. For at the base of the tree, two young leopards were gallivanting around, oblivious to the carnage and mayhem that must have played out only minutes before our arrival. For Mother Nature had just orchestrated the recurring great drama, predator vs prey. With absolute silence in our Sprinter, the scene had transfixed all and sundry. The heightened excitement elevated once more with a 4th young leopard zealously tugging at the precariously held prey. 4 leopard in one sighting – what a humbling experience that touched even the most hardened city slicker in our group.

Pretoriuskop was very well appointed with a number of levels of accommodation – from backpacker / dorm types to the more exclusive chalets with modern finishings, the Kruger National Park is fast becoming an all-round global conservation blue-print

African Quiver Web Presence Management 

  A bit about marketing websites:

African Quiver Web Presence Management has been designed for owner managed establishments that don’t have the time to attend to an annoying yet critical element of their marketing: how your establishment appears online.

African Quiver has through experience and research determined where the critical websites of the internet live and continually monitor them as it is a very dynamic environment

A bit about marketing websites:

These are entities that spend thousands of Rands and Dollars every month competing in the incredibly competitive “accommodation in…”google slugfest. It has become apparent that no small establishment could hope to compete in that key phrase bidding war. These websites all aim to improve their global ranking which in turn presents them increasingly higher on each search engine results page and this is partly where you as the establishment must take note. It is one thing for your marketing site to rank at the top (first page for that search query) but it is then another element to be ranked high up in that marketing site’s own listings.

These marketing websites have varying business models, mostly, they simply look for a commission on the booking fee. This is an ideal scenario, as aside from the time cost to ensure your data is correct on their website, there is no cash payment for being in their shop window.

Key to this continuing success is what Google picks up on the internet communication lines – Google prefers establishments that have fresh news online and ranks them higher up, the same is true for the marketing websites, to a lesser extent. This is where social media plays an important role.

What we do for you:

 For a printable version click here

Getting the run down of how Soweto came to be

Study Abroad in South Africa and Swaziland teaches Market Research

Texas A&M University as well as the University of Tampa designed a field trip to give students the experience and skills needed to participate in rigorous market research that recognises the context of the consumers and the products and services being marketed

 Trip report by Dr Victoria Salin


Testimonials from Agri Business Tour to southern Africa 2015

I just got done with a trip with African Quiver. I was a part of a Marketing Study Abroad trip with Texas A&M University and we went through African Quiver for all of our itinerary and planning. Mike was very proactive emailing all of the students to make sure that we had a place to stay upon arrival in Johannesburg before I officially started. I met him at our hotel and thought he would just be touching in with us through each of our stops but I was pleasantly surprised that he was with us for the duration of our trip! He put up with our crazy, American college group with professionalism and a great sense of humor. He was willing to alter our plans when we had petty requests like stopping at a certain shop (I was on a mission to find a woven grass basket and he made sure that happened) Part way through the trip we met his partner Vicki. What an amazing woman! She jumped right into our crazy group and took over where Mike was when he had to go tend to other things for a little while. She acted as guide, herder, mother, and spotter (she spotted a leopard in a tree in the almost dark!) Mike and Vicki are absolutely wonderful people and made my first trip to Africa better than I ever could have expected. If you are looking to plan a trip in the Southern Africa area please please please go through African Quiver!! You will not be disappointed!

Qui est La Taupe – 1st of July 2015

African Quiver was recently contracted to act as location managers for the first series of the French adventure reality TV series: “Qui est La Taupe?”

4 weeks packed full of adventure, travelling and logistics has delivered in double quick time the announcement of the transmission date: Lock in 1 July 2015 on France’s Channel M6